Agricultural Biotechnology

Agricultural Biotechnology is also known to be called as Agritech. It is one of the sectors of the agricultural science which makes use of scientific tools and techniques in order to alter the already existing crop varieties that results in the development of new variety of crops. This is being achieved by the use of certain Biotechnological techniques like vaccination, tissue culture, gene manipulation.
This technology helps to improve the agricultural production thereby provides benefits to the farmers. It also helped to develop resistance towards both insect pest and weed hence safeguards the crops against diseases thus increasing the yield of crops. With an increasing population and decreasing supply of the agricultural products, the Agritech has proved to be advantageous in maintaining equilibrium between the demand and supply of the products.
• Track 1-1 Crop Modification techniques
• Track 1-2 Pest Resistance
• Track 1-3 Disease Resistance
• Track 1-4 Nutrient Supplementation
• Track 1-5 Safety Testing

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