Genetics and Molecular Biotechnology

Genetics and Molecular Biotechnology that involves the study of the heredity and biological activities in the biological organism, it also lies across the many other life sciences and also interaction between deoxyribonucleic acid and bioprotiens in biological system. Genetics and Molecular Biology is the use of laboratory techniques to study and modify nucleic acids and proteins for applications in areas such as human and animal health, agriculture, and the environment. It covers a wide scope of problems related to molecular and cell biology including structural and functional genomics, Cell transformation, production of  Gene cloning systems, Mutation analysis etc. By the introduction of the latest trends in the field of molecular biology in the form of genetic engineering, an entirely new quality is developed

  • Track 1-1 Cell transformation
  • Track 2-2 Gene cloning systems
  • Track 3-3 Production of Recombinant proteins
  • Track 4-4 Mutation analysis
  • Track 5-5 Gene probes and diagnosis of disease
  • Track 6-6 Production of recombinant proteins

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