Synthetic Biology

Synthetic Biology is a scientific discipline that involves the formulation, designing, creating novel biological devices and systems and also to refabricate the already existing biological systems. This technology enables the scientists to modify the molecular workings of the cell components more accurately and efficiently using the engineering principles and techniques. Synthetic Biology is most commonly known to be called as SynBio. It makes use of a set of techniques that are being utilized to manipulate and refabricate the cells of living organisms into functional products like fuels, fabrics, and so on.

  • Track 19-1 Gene synthesis
  • Track 19-2 Cell transformation
  • Track 19-3 Designed nucleic acid
  • Track 19-4 Designed proteins
  • Track 19-5 Cell-based drug delivery system
  • Track 19-6 Bacteria-based drug delivery system

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