Speaker Biography

Saeed Soroush

Guilan University School of Medicine, Iran

Title: Changed polymers for preventing fertility in men

Saeed Soroush

He began his education in medicine in Guilan University School of Medicine, Rasht-IRAN. He has published more than 10 papers in reputed journals and has been serving as an editorial board member of repute.


 As you know, people from past to now have used different contraceptive methods for a long time that using some methods have caused unwanted pregnancies for people. In fact, contraception is called the actions that Couples use for non-pregnancy. These methods such as different devices, medications and surgical procedures are used to reduce fertility. One of the most common preventive methods is vasectomy that in this especially method often by creating a cut and blocking seminiferous tubule is prevented the sperm to reaching the egg and fertilization that this method is often not immediately effective and It takes about 3 months from Performance to operation and it is almost irreversible.

In this article we introduce one of the new methods of preventing fertility that it has lower risks for individuals and it is reversible too.

As you know, the sperms in their acrosomes have fixed electrical loads. Therefore, considerable results were obtained by studying in this regard which can by injection of polymers containing high electrical charge with high confidence and by applying the result immediately after the injection, can prevent fertility for men. In this method, which will have no major side effect, person can be sure of the outcome without the least complication in sexual activity for 10 to 15 years. Polymers containing electric charge are non-toxic and after injection into the transmission channels cells they act as antispermia and they can disable the fertility capacity of sperm and prevent pregnancy. In general, this method has many advantages and it can be considered as a new approach to the application of biotechnology in medicine